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Welcome to cmd+shift.

In November 2016, we established ourselves to produce a site-specific, immersive experience for the BasicSpace Festival in March 2017. Our production, CHRONOS, which opened the festival on the 4th March in SafeHouse 2, was designed for an individual audience member. Over the course of 30 minutes the participant navigated the house, exploring the space and uncovering the story within.

More detail about CHRONOS can be found here.

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**** "Drawing on video game as inspiration,
this is a game changing genre of live theatre."

We received some lovely feedback from the audience of CHRONOS, including a cheeky 4* review from Thrifty Theatre Thinker, to read the review click here.

“People come in really knowing not much at all other than that they’re
going to be by themselves…”

Rona Kelly (Thrifty Theatre Thinker) sat down with us ahead of BasicSpace 2017 to discuss our first production, CHRONOS, read all about it here.

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Please have a look around our website to find out more about us and our recent production CHRONOS, part of the BasicSpace Festival 2017.